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Court & Criminal Records Screenings are used to prevent fraud and dishonesty during the application process by potential employees and tenants. When used properly, these screenings can help save you money caused by lawsuits and debts caused by negligent, dishonest, insolvent, criminal and/or violent employees or tenants.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is Your Business Name a legal company?
Your Business Name is fully registered with the State of Florida and operates with a business license. We are Certified Background Research Specialists and follow all laws pertaining to same.

Q. Is the Background Check Result, and other research information from Your Business Name legitimate?
Yes it is. As stated above, Your Business Name is fully registered with the Federal government and the State of Florida. In addition, Your Business Name utilizes a professional network of highly competent and sophisticated public records retrievers to provide you with legitimate, accurate and current information.

Q. Is Background Screening legal?
Background screening is legal and ethical as long as certain laws and guidelines are followed. Your Business Name only performs screenings for legitimate business purposes, such as employment or tenant screening. Before a background search is conducted for an employment or tenant applicant, that applicant should be made aware that their background is being investigated and they should sign a release or consent form authorizing the search for either criminal, civil, motor vehicle records, etc. There are applicable federal and state laws regarding the use and distribution of information furnished by background screening services, including the Fair Credit Reporting Act (15 USC-1681 et seq.), the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA 1990) and others. See our Links for more information.

Q. Why is Background Screening important to my company?
The most important reason to conduct background searches is to protect yourself and your company from hiring employees or leasing to tenants that have background records that may place you, your property, and others at risk. The term "negligent hiring" has become commonplace today as many lawsuits have arisen from not determining if an employee is prone to violence in the workplace.

Q. How does a Background Check affect the person being screened?
The prospective employee or tenant is not adversely affected unless a search determines that they have had trouble with the law or are prone to draw workman's compensation. Your Business Name neither interprets findings, nor makes decisions about an individual. We provide research findings to those who request and pay for our services.

Q. Are we accurate?
All of the information returned to a client by Your Business Name is accurate and current. Our sources are constantly evaluated to be certain that only accurate and current information is always returned. We will always drop a source if they fall below performance expectations.

Q. Is Background Screening expensive?
The fees for background screening are very reasonable compared to the cost of the new employment hire and training process. The costs are also negligible when it comes to leasing to tenants that will cause damage to your property. Our fees are very competitive.

Q. What is Your Business Name's turnaround time?
The turnaround times vary by the type of search conducted and the jurisdiction where information is retrieved. However, Your Business Name will work diligently to provide the best turnaround time in the industry, in most cases, a turn around time of at least 48 hours. Your Business Name also appeals to all clients to help to facilitate a quick turn around time.

Q. How does Your Business Name transmit research findings?
Your Business Name will work diligently to satisfy you. They will utilize a variety of transmitting technologies to provide you with quick results. Reports could be e-mailed or faxed.

Q. How do clients pay for services?
Individuals will be required to pay upfront, while businesses and government agencies will be invoiced at the end of each month. Your Business Name uses a convenient, safe, and user-friendly method of business transacting where you may choose to pay by credit card, debit card or by bank account.

Q. Can we produce a detailed billing statement?
Every invoice sent to our clients includes a detailed billing statement, including a listing of each request for the billing period and the respective fees so our clients understand exactly what they are billed for. Earned discounts are also included so you know exactly what your discount is and how it was calculated.

Q. Can a request be stopped after it is submitted?
Once a request is processed through our system and delivered to our sources we cannot stop it. We can stop requests that have not yet been entered. The time for a request to be entered and processed is very short, however, so be sure to call us to stop it as soon as you find you no longer need to conduct your request.